• broad know-how and experience from all areas of law
  • full-time litigator since 1964 in all instances of Finnish
    general and special courts from lowest to highest instances
  • main line business and corporation
  • computer and software lawyer since 1980
  • arbitratations since 1976
  • broad know how from business law to immaterial law
  • long negotiation and problem solving experience
  • loyalty, empathy, positive approach and humor
  • availability
  • special trait: honesty and creativity


  • tedious work or meticulous number crunching

Memberships of the board:

  • Pakkasakku Oy (120 employees)
  • Avonius Oy (160 employees)
  • Software Oy (40 employees)
  • Kuva-Sampo Oy (120 employees) etc


  • 1964-1966 Litigator at Law Office Jaatinen & Särö
  • 1966-1971 Assistant for attorney at law Jouko Aaltonen
  • 1966-1978 Litigator for attorney at law Raoul Furstenborg
  • 1969 Oikeutieteen kandidaatti at Helsinki University
  • 1971 Varatuomari (Master of the Law) on the benches of Helsinki, Vantaa and Espoo
  • 1971-1985 Attorneys at law Aaltonen & Engström
  • since 1985 own offices of attorney at law, later under the name of Attorneys at law Delex Ky and Delex Oy
  • 1972-1996 Member of the Bar of attorneys
  • 1996- senior consultant of Delex Oy
  • and still going strong…

Court decisions:

  • KKO 1968-II-1 Tarzan case (Bern Convention)
  • KKO 1985-I-1 Contract freedom
  • and many others…