When you need someone you really can trust…

Law is a tough business. I know it from experience.

Since entering on January 1964 at 9 o’clock as a law student my first legal employment at the Law Office of Jaatinen & Särö at Mannerheimintie 14 in Center of Helsinki and getting in hand papers of several rental cases and an order to go straight to the Helsinki District Court at 10 o’clock and drive the cases.

That was both the first and last time I was afraid of going into a court. And after that, studying law was not anymore a way to get a degree – it was an absolutely necessary means to survive in the courtroom against the best attorneys of the time in Helsinki.

Law, contracts, negotiations, litigations and creative problem solving became main part of my life. And it still goes on – older but wiser. And still studying. And still going strong!

What Delex can offer

We are a law office with the main line on business and contract law. Our strengths are:

  • 55 years of experience in all levels and areas and courts of law
  • 25 years Member of the Bar of Helsinki – long experience as a Member of the Board of many pk-companies
  • high level of professional skills
  • availability
  • you always get contact with get us when really needed (24/7)
  • reliability, honesty and empathy = durable client relations
  • easy and interactive communication (phone, email)
  • 8 languages (French, Spanish, German, English, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish and Finnish) fluently and italian, Portuguese and Dutch understood
  • reasonable billing

Dickie is the best strategist I have ever known, and I greatly appreciate this in a lawyer. He has taught me valuable lessons in each case I have had the opportunity to work with him. Always I have benefited from his insight on the opportunities, threats and solutions both on paper and when negotiating with the opponent.

The creative solutions he has up on his sleeve resemble magic and have astonished many senior lawyers of our counterparts, but also solved many problems when seeking for collaboration and needing a solid shareholders agreement. Several times these have resulted in long lasting success stories.

Risto Linturi, December 2010